The Simple Case For Renationalising The Railways

24 September 2017, 16:43

Owen Jones argues that not every industry needs to be brought under public ownership, but it's a no brainer for the train lines.

Rail unions have widened the scope of their early October strikes.

In southern England, Merseyside, East Anglia and the east coast main line British commuters will face a wave of disruption after strikes were announced for Tuesday 3 October and Thursday 5 October.

Owen Jones thinks the best solution to this protracted dispute is to renationalise the railways.

Owen Jones said there was no compelling argument left for the railways to remain privatised
Owen Jones said there was no compelling argument left for the railways to remain privatised. Picture: LBC

He said: "Could it be because it can be cheaper to fly to a European city than it is to travel by train in your country?

"Could it be because we spend more public subsidies on this inefficient, private mess than in the days of nationalisation?

"Could it be the overcrowding? Could it be that we have a railway system which in many cases is nationalised, just not run by the British government but run by foreign governments instead?

"The British government is happy with public ownership as long as it's not us. Your money that you spend on those rip-off extortionate tickets are going straight into the national exchequers of foreign governments rather than improving our own services.

"The delays, the overcrowding, it's a mess. We have a backward, creaking railway service that is not fit for purpose. Let's bring them back.

"We did it with East Coast, and when East Coast was brought under public ownership, do you know what happened? It became the most efficient railway in the country.

"It showed public ownership is a success, private ownership is a failure. They should be brought under public ownership."

Watch the compelling video above.