Owen Jones' Three Ways Brexit Has Damaged Democracy

26 November 2017, 14:54 | Updated: 26 November 2017, 14:57

The UK voted to leave the EU for these reasons, and it has damaged our democracy, Owen Jones says.

"I campaigned for remain on the basis that I wanted to reform the EU," Owen Jones said, but when he found out the result the journalist was committed to respecting it and ensuring its completion.

The LBC presenter argued, though, that the tactics used by the Leave campaign have fundamentally damaged the quality of the UK's democracy.

He cited the official Remain campaign, David Cameron and George Osborne and the "toxic" Leave campaign too. Specifically the £350 million promised for the NHS, Turkey's supposed membership being repeatedly touted or, for that fact, any immigrants, who were often characterised as terrorists and rapists.

"I'm not saying the Remain campaign was squeaky clean, and didn't say lots of lies," Owen said. "Of course it did.

"But the fact is that Leave campaign injected a lot of pretty unpleasant stuff into our democracy, and I would blame that far more than Vladimir Putin sitting in the Kremlin and a load of bots sitting in a troll-factory."

Watch the clip above.