‘You couldn’t get more Labour if you tried’ says caller, after Autumn Statement tax rises

18 November 2022, 19:05 | Updated: 20 November 2023, 13:38

This caller believes the Tories are trying to win by becoming Labour

By Phoebe Dampare Osei

The Conservatives are “trying to win by becoming the other party” says a Sangita Myska caller after she asked listeners what the point of the Tory Party is, given yesterday’s announcements of “tax tax tax”.

After Sangita Myska said the current regime of “compassionate Conservatism” looks a lot like “Labourism” and asked what the point of the Tory Party is given the £25bn national tax rise, one caller said the Conservatives are “trying to win by becoming the other party”.

Mike in East Yorkshire said they are currently “parking tanks on Labour's lawn”, to which Sangita agreed.

He continued: “In 2019, in the election, the big threat to the Tories was the Brexit Party, so what they did was out-Brexit the Brexit Party, and that got them a lot of Labour voters who belonged to the Brexit side of the argument.

“Now, the biggest threat to them is the Labour Party so they’re moving the tanks on to Labour’s lawn - going for windfall taxes, increasing corporation tax, increasing benefits, you couldn’t get more Labour if you tried! They’re trying to win by becoming the other party!” he exclaimed.

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Mike felt the moral compass of the Tories was broken and therefore voted for Labour when Jeremy Corbyn was in power.

“Democracy can’t survive without honesty…this Conservative government - the lot of them - have shown extreme dishonesty”, he declared.

He suggested dishonesty leads to voter confusion. “What have you voted for? You’ve not voted for what you believe you’ve voted for”, he said.

It was a firm “no” when Sangita asked if he would have voted in favour of the current government, emphasising they are only doing what is “politically pragmatic for them”.

This caller thinks the tories are going for a 'one-nation' route.

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In response to Sangita’s comments that the current Conservative regime is starting to look like “New Labourism”, Steve in Thirsk replied: “You say New Labourism - they might try and go for the old One Nation Tory route, a bit more paternalist”.

He went on: “I’m not a Tory but I’d much rather deal with One Nation liberal Conservatives who are at least willing to dip into their pockets a little bit to help people.”

'What is the point of the Tory Party?'