There are direct parallels between Illegal Migration Bill and 1930's Germany, Holocaust survivor says

12 March 2023, 15:31 | Updated: 12 March 2023, 17:06

Holocaust Survivor says there's 'direct parallels' between 1930's Germany and iIlegal Migration Bill

By Abbie Reynolds

Joan Salter MBE defended Gary Lineker amid the BBC row as she says there is "evidence" to prove the government's new bill is reminiscent of Nazi Germany.

Holocaust survivor Joan Salter MBE told Sangita Myska that those condemning Gary Lineker "don't know what they're talking about". She then said she could "give them facts" to prove Mr Lineker's comments right.

"I still say that [the] German's intention in the 1930s, was not extermination it was deportation," she began to explain.

Sports broadcaster Gary Lineker was asked to 'step back' from his regular presenting on Match of the Day after the BBC claimed he had breached impartiality rules by tweeting criticism of the government's new asylum policy.

Joan Salter MBE explained how Polish Jews were treated separately from the German and Austrian Jews during Nazi Germany. Ms Slater spoke of how the Polish Jews were seen as "less cultured" and were therefore forced out of Germany.

She told Sangita that Polish Jews like herself we not accepted into Britain through the Kindertransport scheme and it was only because of a defiant French police officer that she was "smuggled out" of France and saved from the camps.

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After revealing this she related it back to the newly announced Illegal Migration Bill, saying: "So I am sorry there are direct [links]... so if people think it's not true, challenge me and be willing to have a proper debate."

The UK government's new Illegal Migration Bill will see all asylum seekers travelling to the UK "illegally" deported immediately and banned from seeking asylum in the UK.

It has also been revealed that unaccompanied children will face the deportation process if their country of origin is deemed safe.

"They are willing to deport children!" she exclaimed.

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Taking in what Ms Salter had said Sangita responded: "So you're saying there are direct parallels."

"Absolutely," she replied.

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