Angry Brexiteer Shouts Down Phone For 13 Seconds Then Hangs Up

22 November 2018, 14:59 | Updated: 22 November 2018, 15:20

A caller was so angered by Theresa May’s Brexit “sell out” that he shouted down the phone for 13 seconds and then suddenly hung up.

Jim from Richmond repeatedly yelled please Britain wake up” during his brief tirade to Shelagh Fogarty.

He took just 13 seconds to deliver his angered opinion, and did not hang about for follow up questions.

“Hello? Hello, yes,” he began.

The unexpected outburst took Shelagh Fogarty by surprise
The unexpected outburst took Shelagh Fogarty by surprise. Picture: LBC

“Please Britain wake up. Please wake up! It’s a complete sell out - it’s not an agreement.

“Nothing is decided except in the future by the European Union. Please, please wake up!”

Shelagh replied: “Surrender is it?”

But as the line fell silent, the LBC presenter added: “I don’t think Jim is interested in a conversation, I think he just wanted to shout.”