Shelagh Fogarty Blasts Caller Who Says Media Giving PM "Free Ride"

21 December 2018, 15:40

Shelagh Fogarty was outraged at this caller who claimed that the media isn't holding Theresa May to account over her Brexit deal.

The Justice Secretary David Gauke has suggested today that he may resign if the government seemed to be heading towards a no-deal Brexit.

In a conversation about this on Shelagh Fogarty's show, a caller tried to suggest that the media aren't being hard enough on the Prime Minister.

The problem was Shelagh had been discussing Theresa May and questioning the political leadership throughout the show.

Shelagh Fogarty
Picture: LBC

Alex from Camden, who described himself as "an analyst on these things", said that whilst the Labour Party had been criticised fully for antisemitism over the summer, not a word had been said about the Prime Minister.

But Shelagh took issue with this. She said that for the last two years, the media had talked "endlessly" about the Prime Minister's approach to Brexit.

"I've just spent the first hour of this programme criticising the political leadership in this country," Shelagh pointed out.

"The second hour of the programme, that you are now in, I'm deliberately asking about the Prime Minister and what she can do about Brexit and all you want to say is that no journalists are bringing the Prime Minister's Brexit to account.

"It really beggars belief."