Bolton resident 'baffled' over casual approach to Covid in area

8 September 2020, 17:33 | Updated: 8 September 2020, 17:37

EJ Ward

By EJ Ward

This caller said she was "baffled" by the approach to the lockdown in Bolton amid new restrictions being placed on the area.

Sophia called LBC's Shelagh Fogarty to say she was shocked by the approach taken to the lockdown in Bolton.

It comes after new measures were announced for hospitality venues in Bolton to help halt the transmission of Covid-19 which is "moving round uncontrolled", a council leader said.

She said the rules were "quite complicated" citing differing regulations.

"What I don't understand is why are the children in school?" The caller said.

Sophia questioned if this would not cause the infection to go "further and higher".

Shelagh pointed out that with new rules around safety many premises are now considered "Covid secure".

But the LBC presenter pointed out that once people are behind closed doors then they tend to "relax."

"The gyms are all open in Bolton," the caller said which she claimed "baffles me".

"Nothing has changed," she said adding that yesterday gyms, restaurants and the like were open and people were still socialising.

The Government has ordered that restaurants, cafes, bars and pubs will be immediately restricted to takeaway only and all hospital venues will be required to close between 10pm and 5am.

When Shelagh asked the caller if she thought that "because the spike is clearly being driven by young people socialising" and the closure of venues, if it would mean people would now socialise at home.

The caller agreed she thought it would be.

A ban on mixing outside households in public outdoor settings will also be enforceable by law.

The majority of new coronavirus cases involved people aged 18 to 49.

The caller said she hoped the new laws would help with the infection rates in schools.

Watch the whole interesting call in the video at the top of the page.