Sadiq Khan: Boris Johnson is "kicking the can down the road" on racism

15 June 2020, 16:50

By Seán Hickey

The Major of London said that the time for talking about fixing race inequality is over and the PM has to start working to deliver change.

Sadiq Khan was speaking to Shelagh Fogarty following a plethora of coronavirus lockdown easing measures, including compulsory face mask wearing on public transport in England.

Labour MP David Lammy shared his anger at the government not acting enough on race inequality in the UK. Shelagh told Mr Khan that Mr Lammy was calling for "no more commissions, time for action" and wondered if the Mayor of London would echo that.

"What we need is delivery" he said, pointing out that there have been recommendations made to governments in years gone by to address inequality in the UK but "hardly any of them have been implemented."

Seemingly agitated, Mr Khan told Shelagh that "we've had other reviews but actually there's no action" and argued that "we should be actioning some of these recommendations."

The Mayor of London said that Boris Johnson has been kicking the can down the road on addressing racism and mentioned the desires of anti-racism protesters in suggesting how the government should act. "They want the talking to stop and the delivery to begin."

The Mayor of London said the government must stop talking and start acting on racism
The Mayor of London said the government must stop talking and start acting on racism. Picture: LBC

Shelagh was addressing educational inequality during her show and asked for the input of the London Mayor. He stated that "in the recent past we've made huge progress in addressing inequality" but "the concern we've got is some children have been out of school from March to September."

Mr Khan pointed out that as well-off families can afford to homeschool or have the means to do online school lessons for their children during lockdown "the gap there gets bigger rather than smaller."

Shelagh also asked the Mayor if he was "satisfied that this is the right level of easing lockdown," as non-essential shopping is allowed in England again.

He stressed that it is very important that "any non essential shop that is opening has the risk assessment" that makes the experience safe for customers and staff.

"The reality is that for the foreseeable future" the Mayor of London said, "wearing face coverings will be the norm rather than the exception" and this will not only be seen on transport, but in day to day life.

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