Caller vexed by Boris Johnson's speech: "they drove NHS into the ground"

27 April 2020, 16:29

By Seán Hickey

This furious caller told LBC she won't accept the PM's speech, as he never listened to his own advice.

Jan phoned in to Shelagh Fogarty to share her disgust at what she believed to be the Prime Minister's hypocritical speech.

"If I feel that I have to be glad that Boris Johnson is there to give me advice then I might as well just throw in the towel" she began. The rheumatoid arthritis sufferer told Shelagh that she's been in and out of NHS treatment for years and she couldn't remain silent.

"Boris' government for years has run down the national health service and now to listen him standing there pontificating about how great the NHS is." Jan claimed to be shocked when the PM dared to tell the public what to do "while doing something else himself" referencing how Mr Johnson admitted to shaking hands of coronavirus sufferers, then ending up in ICU shortly after.

Jan didn't buy the Prime Minister's speech and rallying attitude to the coronavirus fightback, stating that "it reminds me of someone fiddling while Rome is burning".

"The only thing that's annoying me about the lockdown is Boris telling me what to do" the caller summarised.

The Prime Minister returned to work today after recovering from coronavirus
The Prime Minister returned to work today after recovering from coronavirus. Picture: PA

The caller was even more upset at the declaration by Mr Johnson that the first phase of the coronavirus battle has been a success. She couldn't believe that he was "telling us that this has been a success while all those people have died".

Shelagh wanted to know what Jan would have rathered instead of the Prime Minister's motivational speech. She insisted that she would prefer "someone that doesn't have this gung-ho spirit".

Jan put that now is not the time for rallying cries, rather it is a time where the country needs someone to level with the people and be honest rather than to speak in the manner that the Prime Minister is- we don't need to be told to continue doing what we're already doing, we need leadership, she explained.

Lastly, Jan has saw first hand as someone that has used NHS services for the last 40 years that the service has only suffered in the last ten years because of the neglect of government's like Mr Johnson's and it was "so hypocritical" to hear the Prime Minister talking about how important it is while nothing had been done to support the NHS before the crisis hit.

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