Brexit Takes Up So Much Parliamentary Time Safety Legislation Is Put Aside

7 August 2019, 15:04

A safety campaigner has told LBC he thinks the government don't have time to legislate safety measures for eScooters because they're so busy with Brexit.

Matthew Briggs, whose wife died after being struck by a cyclist riding a fixed-gear bike, which illegally had no front brake, spoke to Shelagh Fogarty.

On the day an LBC investigation revealed that most shops selling eScooters do not seem to know the laws surrounding their use, Mr Briggs told Shelagh that there was a "fundamental problem" with the laws being "archaic."

He said he had been in "meetings with the new Transport Minister," and from that he knows "eScooters and eSkateboards are presenting them with a real problem."

Shelagh Forgarty was speaking about eScooters following an LBC investigation
Shelagh Forgarty was speaking about eScooters following an LBC investigation. Picture: LBC/PA

But, he said "because Brexit is taking up so much of Parliamentary time, it's proving to be very very slow to get change through."

Shelagh asked if people using the devices on pavements puts pedestrians as well as those riding the scooters at risk.

Mr Briggs said "absolutely," Shelagh was correct, adding "it doesn't take much" for someone to be seriously injured.

He said there was no law surrounding the issue, should a rider hit someone and cause them injury then there is very little legal recourse. He also told Shelagh that it was not possible to insure eScooters.