Brexiteer Gets So Worked Up During LBC Call He Has To Put The Phone Down

7 June 2018, 15:03

This Brexiteer got himself so worked up during a rant about Remainers, he had to put the phone down.

James was absolutely furious because he felt the 17.4 million people who voted Leave were being betrayed.

It’s after Theresa May appeared to avoid a full-blown Brexit crisis after “constructive” talks with David Davis on Thursday.

There was speculation the Brexit secretary was ready to quit over the details of the backstop proposal.

The government says it now “expects” the temporary plan to avoid a hard border with Ireland to end before 2022.

But James believes Remainers, including Mrs May, were betraying the Brexit vote - and he was seething.

Shelagh Fogarty
Picture: LBC

The caller fumed: “I will say this now to Theresa May and all you Remoaners out there, the joy you taste right now will turn to acid in your mouth.

“We may not have our chance now, but the 17.4 million of us, we will have our chance.”

As the call progressed, James got himself so worked up, he had to end the call.

He continued: “I am so angry, Remainers have your wish, you can keep us in the EU, I do not care anymore - I have lost interest.

“I will pay the government of the day back in 2021 when we go to the polls.

“I am so angry Shelagh, I am going to end the call.”

Watch the moment above.