Britain's Superiority Complex Over Europe Will Never Go, Leave Caller Says

2 October 2019, 16:39

Britain has a superiority complex over Europe and even Remain voters consider themselves British first, Leave caller told Shelagh Fogarty.

A caller who voted Leave said: "Brexit was a question that should never have been asked and I wished I'd never voted on it. I really do.

I wish it'd been done in Parliament, I'd have been happy to stay in the EU but I was asked the question and I said let's go."

Shelagh asked: "Why did you say let's go?"

Andrew from Andover said: "I just think people in Europe consider themselves European. Even though I am European, my country is in Europe, I am fundamentally British."

"Well they are fundamentally French," said Shelagh.

Andrew said that people from other countries in Europe "consider themselves as much European as they do their sovereign nation."

"We don't and I don't think we ever will. I think even people that voted to Remain will always still be British over European, and I don't think that line can ever be crossed."

Shelagh said he can't presume that about everyone, as she feels European and due to the way she was raised, she's quite culturally Irish. She continued: "There's all kinds of ways that we build our identity. Europe is a set of values as well as a place."

"As a country, I feel we do have a superiority complex and I don't think that'll ever go away."

"British exceptionalism, they call it," said Shelagh, but made the point the feeling of British superiority may go away.