Businessman Reveals Cuts To His Staff Since Brexit Vote

29 August 2019, 15:46

A caller revealed he has made significant cuts to his business since Britain voted to leave the European Union in 2016.

Tim from Leatherhead, Surrey called LBC to explain why he's resentful of people voted for Brexit and how it has affected his business.

He told Shelagh: "I think I understand very well why Leavers are angry with us [Remainers], and that's because we are right, and we've been right all along.

"Events prove us every day that we're right. We said the backstop would be a problem; the backstop is a problem. We said the pound would crash; the pound has crashed.

"We said the economy would slow down, and the economy has slowed down. We said we wouldn't get a good deal from the EU, and we're not getting a good deal from the EU.

"Absolutely everything we've said they dismissed as 'Project Fear', but they [Leave voters] are not being given anything they were promised. They were promised the easiest deal in history."

Shelagh pushed the caller to "build bridges" with "fellow citizens", but the caller went on to list the effects of the Brexit vote on his business.

He said: "Who do I build a bridge with? My fellow citizens are some of my employees, and I'm having to cut their holiday pay, I'm having to cut their bonuses, and I'm having to make one or two of them redundant.

"The pound has dropped to the point where my company doesn't make a sufficient margin on the beans we sell anymore.

"Those are my fellow citizens, the ones I'm worried about."