Caller Adopts Role-Play To Prove That Brexit Won’t Happen

19 July 2017, 14:58 | Updated: 19 July 2017, 15:17

John, a Remainer, asked Shelagh if he could borrow £5 in an example to show that "nothing will happen" with Brexit negotiations.

“I’m completely convinced, what is going to happen is, this idea that if we don’t get a deal we’ll walk away."

Deciding that the best way to get his point across was through role-play, John asked: “Can I borrow five pounds off you?”

Shelagh Fogarty
Picture: LBC

Shelagh Fogarty generously said: “Of course you can John.”

He replied “What you’re meant to say is no.”

He asked again, and Shelagh this time correctly declined.

John continued, “so you’ve still got your £5, I still need a fiver, and we walk away.”

“Whats the difference? There is no difference. We’ll both carry on our own separate ways.”

“Thats whats going to happen, and this negotiating will rumble on for 10/15 years to the point where it’s forgotten, and nothing will change.”

Shelagh asked: “What do you mean by that? We’ll stay in the EU effectively?”

He replied: “We’ll stay in. There’s too many vested interests, too many people with too many fingers in too many wealthy pies.

He admitted he was a remainer, and went onto say: “nothing will happen.”

In reference to those who run the UK, Shelagh exclaimed: “You make us sound like a terrible bunch of amateurs.”

“They are amateurs, I could get a job as chancellor of the exchequer.”

Shelagh then quipped: “you could stand up in parliament and do that can I borrow a fiver thing.”

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