Caller cries tears of joy as care home allows her to visit mother

2 December 2020, 17:13 | Updated: 3 December 2020, 11:21

By Sam Sholli

This is the moment a Shelagh Fogarty caller cried tears of joy at being allowed to hug her mother in a care home, having not seen her since July.

Sharon from Staines called LBC after Health Secretary Matt Hancock announced that relatives of all care home residents in England will be able to visit over the Christmas period if they test negative for Covid-19.

She said: "I'm overwhelmed. I found out this morning that I can go in tomorrow, have a test and hug my mum.

"We've been campaigning, as you know, for a long time. Every care home is making up their own decisions despite what the headlines say, as we know.

"I know so many people that are still not able to visit at all, and I was just waiting all week to see what the home would say and I'm just completely overwhelmed but I'm delighted."

Shelagh then asked Sharon when the last time was that she had been able to see her moth in-person.

She said: "July 14th, which is not as long as some people. Some people haven't seen their parents or loved ones for months and months."