Shelagh Fogarty schools caller who calls for 'Muslim ban'

3 February 2020, 17:32

Shelagh Fogarty slammed a caller who demanded that the UK “gets a grip” on the Muslim population following the Streatham terror attack.

Susie from Slough called in to LBC after Sudesh Amman, 20, from Harrow was shot dead by police after stabbing two people on Streatham High Road.

Speaking to Shelag Fogarty, Susie said the British Muslim community could grow in the near future due to increase in immigration and that the government need to get an “absolute grip” or implement “policies” to stop it.

Shelagh began by explaining that “many of these individuals are born in this country. They are not coming here from anywhere.”

However, Susie interrupted and pleaded with Shelagh to “connect the dots” and elaborated by saying: “This is what I am saying, there are plenty enough of home grown problems with a relatively small Muslim population at the moment.”

Shelagh was forced to directly ask if she was calling for a “Muslim ban”.

LBC presenter Shelagh Fogarty schooled a caller who demanding that the UK “gets a grip”
LBC presenter Shelagh Fogarty schooled a caller who demanding that the UK “gets a grip”. Picture: LBC

Defending herself, Susie said: “I’m saying we should look at all options.

“We have to protect the citizens of this country above everything. Currently we are not doing that. We are tying ourselves in knots trying to be thoughtful.

“Every time we try to do something, the liberals clamp down and say ‘Oh my God! Human rights!’.

“Is It going to take a bomb attack where like a thousand of people get killed before we say ‘enough’?”

Hitting back Shelagh told Susie: “I hear you but let me bring some rationale to what you are saying about the ‘Muslim population’.

“Amongst the Muslim populations are, as you know, many good - the vast majority - good decent citizens of this country and many of them, even those who have come from elsewhere to settle here, either temporality or permanently, will be doing so to work in our hospitals, as carers, to work in science, to work in industry.

“You won’t get me making any excuses or apologies for people who commit terror or support the ideology of Islamic State. Absolutely not.

“I think we are being too soft on them on the moment, I would agree with you on that.

"But what we must not do is have the word 'Muslim' in Britain mean 'terrorist' in Britain anymore than when the IRA were committing their atrocities, my Catholic parents were terrorists. They were not."

In response Susie added: “I don’t know what to call it. Let’s call it something else then. I don’t know.”

“No you are right to call these individuals Muslims,” Shelagh added.

She continued: “They are. But you cannot conflate them with other good Muslims in this country, there are dangers in there that we simply must not tolerate.”