Caller saw 'thousands of selfish Londoners without masks' in public space

26 October 2020, 15:51

By Sam Sholli

This is the moment a caller told LBC that she saw thousands of people in London's Hampstead Heath area without masks and not social distancing.

Maria from Gospel Oak, who is originally from Spain, told Shelagh Fogarty that she thought many Londoners were "being a bit selfish" as the UK continues to face the Covid crisis.

The exchange on LBC comes after the UK yesterday recorded 19,790 more Covid-19 cases.

Maria said: "The other day I went to Hampstead Heath and there were] thousands of people, none of them with masks. [They] were not social distancing at all.

"The restaurants around were packed with the tables super-close [to one another].

"I really believe many people here [in London]...[are] being a bit selfish or not conscious that we are facing, as you said, the same virus."

Maria also told Shelagh that she believed, when it comes to coronavirus, people in Spain "follow the rules more".

She said: "I'm from Spain. It's very different. I speak daily with my family and friends from there.

"There, the rules are much more strict and there is not any economical compensation for anybody..."

"They follow the rules and they isolate when they need to isolate. They wear the mask at all times. And here it is very different..."