Caller Tom Pledges £1 Million To Start New Political Party

30 June 2017, 15:52

He told Shelagh Fogarty that he knows "15 to 20 people who would put in a million pounds each to form a new party."

Asked if it was a million each or a million together, Tom confirmed it would be “a million each.”

“I will, I’ll put in my million.

“I’d be a lot better than some of these numpties in the cabinet at the moment."

Shelagh asked whether we have the kind of “boldness” that saw Macron become the French President.

“Can you see a Macron?”

Tom replied: “I can. If you put real people with real CVs with real credibility.

"Not as young as Macron, the toy boy that he is.”

Shelagh Fogarty Caller Tom
Picture: LBC

Tom went on to say: “I live around the corner from where Nigel Farage is.

“I walk past his place and am waiting to engage him.

“I’m waiting to tell him what I think of him.”

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