Caller's heartbreaking story of friend in ICU made listeners pledge to stay inside

10 April 2020, 15:52 | Updated: 10 April 2020, 15:55

By Fiona Jones

This caller told such a heartbreaking story of his friend in ICU it made listeners pledge to stay inside. A must watch.

The caller Mike's family friend is a bus driver and is hospital suffering from the virus - the bus driver's wife is eight and a half months pregnant and is expecting twins in the next three weeks.

Mike's friend became ill, phoned into his London bus depot and told them he was unwell, and self-isolated for the fortnight.

The bus company told Mike's friend that even though he was exhibiting terrible symptoms he'd have to return to work or face disciplinary action if he didn't provide a doctor's certificate, which are not being issued at the moment. Shelagh was speechless about this total lack of care from the bus company.

Mike's friend went back to work last week and came home after three days feeling extremely ill and his pregnant wife phoned 999 - he was immediately rushed to hospital.

"Since then his symptoms have deteriorated," said Mike, "the NHS has done just about everything they can do.

"At 6:30 this morning his partner who is expecting twins got the news that he was still alive but his chances of survival were absolutely minimal."

Mike said amongst this terrible trauma going on in the pregnant wife's life, all she wants is to get tested to see if she and her unborn children are well.

"It's a travesty, it's outrageous," Mike said.

Shelagh comforted Mike, "I hope and pray that where there is a glimmer of hope, where there is life there is always hope. I really hope that reason to hope grows, Mike."

Mike made a final comment to listeners: "Stay in and stay safe. Let's get the numbers down.