Caller's solution to royal crisis makes Shelagh Fogarty's day

13 January 2020, 14:58

This caller made Shelagh Fogarty's day after he suggested a surefire solution to solve the royal crisis: take a leaf out of his mum's book.

The Queen has called an urgent family meeting at Sandringham to discuss the roles Harry and Meghan after the pair released a statement wishing to step back as senior royals.

David from Kingston said he doesn't ultimately care if the Sussexes go to Canada but he will if he's having to foot the bill as a taxpayer; to solve this crisis, he suggested the pair are made to sit down and have the law laid out to them like his mother did to him.

"The royal family, they work for us," said the caller, "this is what the British people need to remember."

He continued that his problem with today's meeting is that no one will be representing the British public and "looking out for our interests".

"You've made my day, I would absolutely love to just walk through the door of that room and say 'right, sit down the lot of you! You're listening to me now'," Shelagh said.

The Queen has called an urgent meeting today to discuss the role of the Sussexes
The Queen has called an urgent meeting today to discuss the role of the Sussexes. Picture: PA

"My mum did it to me," David said and told Shelagh how he comes from a family of 13 boys and girls and his mum Peggy laid down the law very precisely: you must not disrespect your family.

David continued that the trouble with the royal family is that they come from an era which is not representative of Princes Harry and William and maybe they need to change.

Shelagh pointed out that each generation has said this of the monarch serving at the time.

"My only instinct is that I don't want to be spending out money," David continued, "if they're going to do deals with Disney, fine. But I agree with you Shelagh, they should not be using trademarks that belong to this country and the people of this country."

Ultimately, he said, Prince Charles should step up, take the weight off the Queen's shoulders and be a "good dad."