Caller's very personal reason why parties should prioritise mental health

7 November 2019, 14:33 | Updated: 7 November 2019, 14:37

"I was in a state of crisis" - this caller opens up and tells Shelagh Fogarty why parties should prioritise mental health services in their spending plans.

Tim from East Dulwich told Shelagh, "The money should be spent on the things that will affect the most people and the people that need it the most."

Shelagh agreed that mental health and special educational needs services, for example, have lost out in budget cuts.

Tim told Shelagh his mental health difficulties this year and how the NHS helped him to improve.

He did say he decided to pay for private counselling, however, "because the wait times, especially because I live in London, are quite extreme."

However, Tim told Shelagh that he walked into hospital "in a state of crisis", saw a GP within half an hour and was checked on regularly before being referred to the psychiatric ward.

He said just like everyone can suffer with physical health issues, everyone can suffer with mental health issues.