Chuka Umunna Defends People’s Vote Bid: “It’s Not My Job To Facilitate Brexit”

16 January 2019, 15:45

A Labour MP has defended his bid for a second referendum, telling LBC: “It’s not my job to facilitate Brexit”.

Chuka Umunna admitted “I would like Brexit not to happen” as he called for a so-called People’s Vote to break the parliamentary deadlock.

He spoke as MPs debated Jeremy Corbyn’s no-confidence motion in the government.

There’s growing pressure for the Labour leader to back a second referendum if, as expected, his attempt at an early election fails.

“It’s not my job to facilitate Brexit”
“It’s not my job to facilitate Brexit”. Picture: LBC

Mr Umunna previously voted to trigger Article 50, but doesn't want Brexit to go ahead.

“I don’t want to facilitate Brexit, I make no bones about it,” the MP for Streatham told Shelagh Fogarty.

“I would like Brexit not to happen but I do understand it can only be the case at the instigation of the people.”

Shelagh replied: “Isn’t it your job then to facilitate Brexit?”

“No,” Mr Umunna responded. “I don’t think it is my job to facilitate Brexit.

“I represent a borough which voted 80% Remain three years ago and that really hasn’t really changed at all.

“So no it is not my job to facilitate this Conservative Brexit.”