How will cinemas look post-lockdown? Odeon chief explains

25 June 2020, 18:18

By Fiona Jones

How will cinemas look post-lockdown? Odeon cinema chief explains all.

Odeon chief Carol Welch told LBC that the cinema experience post-lockdown will be very similar to before the previous experience when what the public remembers when they reopen on 4 July.

There will be three significant differences in the "safer cinema experience." she told Shelagh.

Firstly there will be "safer space": "When you sit in the auditorium you will have vacant seats around the group that you have booked with. So you can book together but you will still be able to socially distance from other groups."

The cinema chain will also stagger the start times of films so there is no "catch in the foyer" with too many people crossing paths.

Cinema-goers are also encouraged to buy tickets online and use contactless payments when buying refreshments.

"There will be perspex screens...with our food and beverage concession and we've actually put some grab and go options on our menu so if people want to they can just pick up pre-packed food and beverage," Ms Welch said.

Finally cinema staff have had training into "enhanced cleaning methods" to ensure there is regularly cleaning of high contact areas, such as door handles and rails, with guest sanitation provided throughout the buildings. Cinemas will be deep-cleaned every evening and cleaned between every film showing.

"Our hosts will be wearing the relevant PPE and making sure both our guests as well as our hosts are safe," Ms Welch said.

Cinemas will be screening classics such as The Empire Strikes Back and films that were released this year before lockdown.