"It didn't seem scary at all" Reassured parent describes first day back in school

1 June 2020, 16:31

By Seán Hickey

This mother told listeners of how well thought out measures in schools have calmed her anxiety around sending her children back to school.

Louise was calling from Seven Oaks after picking her children up from their first day back in school. She told Shelagh Fogarty that "it was a positive experience" and that both her year one and preschool children "went in fine" and they now seem "super happy."

Shelagh asked the mother about the measures in place in her school, where Louise went on to share that in the preschol "they have little bubbles, their own entrance and exit" and stay in groups of six to keep potential transmission of coronavirus low. She also stated that "95% of their time is outdoors" which further lowers transmission potential.

She went on to give a similar account of her year one child's classroom, adding that they have lunch outside instead of inside.

When she asked her children to sanitise their hands when they got home, she was met with eye rolling from both children. "Apparently they'd washed their hands lots and lots and lots of times today." "They didn't seem fazed by it at all, they were happy" She added.

This caller was surprised that she was ever worried about sending her children back to school
This caller was surprised that she was ever worried about sending her children back to school. Picture: PA

Going further into the logistics of the local school reopening, Louise told Shelagh that there's only one class per year in the school and the school "only allowed half – around 14 or 15 of the children."

She was surprised to see that there wasn't as much separation of tables and students as she expected. "It was just the normal circular tables and they were all spread out" Louise said, telling Shelagh that "it didn't seem scary at all."

In terms of the attitude of the teachers, she told listeners that "the teachers were relaxed and welcoming to the children" adding that "it was lovely."

Shelagh concluded that "the teachers are taking their health in their hands so they'd want it done right from the children's perspective but also from their perspective" appreciating that in Louise's case, the preparation was done right.

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