'We have no other income and nobody is helping': Musician furious over 10pm curfew

7 October 2020, 18:24

By Sam Sholli

A frustrated musician has told LBC "nobody" is helping after his industry was forced to close and the 10pm curfew is only making things worse.

The 10pm curfew was introduced last month by Boris Johnson, just over a couple of months after pubs and restaurants began to reopen as the government sought to relax national lockdown rules.

Speaking to LBC's Shelagh Fogarty about how the rule had impacted his life as a musician, Tariq from Kilburn said: "There are shows in the country that musicians like myself rely on, like regular work which is every weekend. Now it's being cut off to zero.

"We have no other income and nobody is helping anybody."

The 10pm curfew is also ineffective and has "made things worse", according to the caller.

Tariq said: "This 10 o'clock rule has made things worse. It has put pressure on people to do things earlier. It has got places confused."

He added: "If people want to get drunk now, they're going to get drunk two hours earlier. It has not changed anything.

"I would have preferred a proper lockdown for two weeks for our Government to try to get their heads in a straight line basically."

When asked by Shelagh what a two-week lockdown would really achieve, Tariq explained: "For one, at least [the Government] can get their heads down to try to get the numbers correct because I think all their calculations are wrong.

"How can they calculate how many people are affected or not affected if they're not testing anybody or they're not getting a proper track and trace going?

Listen to the full exchange in the video at the top of this page