Coronavirus: Ten London transport workers have died, London Mayor told LBC

6 April 2020, 16:52

By Fiona Jones

Sadiq Khan told LBC that ten London transport workers have now died having contracted coronavirus and explained how he is trying to tackle the problem.

Sadiq Khan told LBC that there are now ten people who work in public transport in London who have lost their lives over the last few days.

"Eight of them are bus workers, one of them works for London Underground, and one of them works for TfL. They're in my thoughts and prayers and my condolences go to their families," he said.

The Mayor hailed transport workers as the "unsung heroes" and assured Shelagh he is doing everything possible to protect workers and simultaneously keep transport running.

"My message through LBC is: please, please, please unless you really have to leave home to go to work, please work from home. Or if you have to go to work then please avoid the rush hour wherever you can."

Mr Khan said there was no correlation in the shift pattern of the eight bus drivers that died and they worked for separate bus companies across the city.

He assured that transport workers are using anti-viral sanitiser which is used in hospitals, and the frequency of cleaning has increased.

"We're going over and above what we've been told to do," Mr Khan said, "we're exploring all possible things to make sure public transport is as safe as it can be and we're looking to see what other cities do to, if there's things we can learn as well."