Covid-19 peak in the north will "likely be this month" says Manchester Mayor

7 April 2020, 18:01

By Seán Hickey

Andy Burnham gave the latest on how the north of England is dealing with the outbreak, after commending the efforts of politicians to put party politics aside during the coronavirus pandemic.

Complimenting the maturity seen from Westminster, Mr. Burnham saw it great to see "normal politics" being put to one side and all parties putting their heads together to fight the coronavirus pandemic.

"We're all in extraordinary times" he said and thanked politicians for their level-headed approach to fixing the pandemic.

"People are pulling together and it's good to see."

Shelagh wanted to know if the Labour Mayor of Greater Manchester had "been briefed on when the peak might be" in the north of England, to which he gave a revised prediction.

"Earlier on in this whole situation we were thinking May" he begain, but acknowledged that that projection had to be changed as time has gone by.

The Mayor of Greater Manchester believed the peak in the north is imminent
The Mayor of Greater Manchester believed the peak in the north is imminent. Picture: PA

I don't think thats the current thinking, its likely to be this month" he said. Mr. Burnham told Shelagh it's widely believed that Manchester is around 10 days behind London and the south of England and is prepared for that eventuality.

"There can't be any complacency here" he stressed.

On the opening of the nightingale hospital in Manchester, he told Shelagh that they "could be taking patients by next week" suggesting that the situation is well organised and prepared for the imminent peak.

Andy Burnham and Shelagh then joined forces to pay tribute to NHS staff and thanking them again for their remarkable efforts in the last few months. "They're in the thick of it right now" the Mayor of Greater Manchester said and they deserve all the credit that comes their way.