Dame Margaret Beckett Accuses Theresa May Of Brexit “Blackmail”

8 March 2019, 15:48

Former Labour foreign secretary Dame Margaret Beckett has accused Theresa May of “blackmailing” both the country and parliament over Brexit.

Mrs Beckett, who was also deputy leader, said the Prime Minister’s handling of the UK’s exit was “disgraceful”.

She spoke to Shelagh Fogarty after Mrs May warned Brexit might never happen if MPs reject her deal again next week.

Speaking in Grimsby on Friday, she said no one knows what the future holds if an agreement isn't in place.

Dame Magaret Beckett spoke to Shelagh Fogarty on Friday
Dame Magaret Beckett spoke to Shelagh Fogarty on Friday. Picture: PA.LBC

The PM also called on Brussels to reconsider changes to the Irish backstop.

But, Mrs Beckett, who wants a so-called People's Vote, was furious with Mrs May.

"She is doing what she has chosen to do from the beginning, she has made up her own mind about what she thinks is the right answer and she is totally unprepared to listen to anybody else about anything else," she said.

"She is blackmailing Parliament, she is blackmailing the country and she is playing a very high-stakes risk game with the future of our country and our economy.

"Her behaviour is utterly disgraceful."