Dawn Butler tells LBC why PM must stop "wrongful" deportation flight

10 February 2020, 14:42

Labour MP Dawn Butler told LBC about her constituent who came to the UK as a child and is being sent back to Jamaica tomorrow out of the blue, years after he served time for theft as a teenager.

Ms Butler told Shelagh Fogarty her Brent constituent is due to be deported tomorrow much to the distress of his wife as the couple have a six month year old child. He also has no surviving family in Jamaica and has only ever known this country, she said.

He has also been refused medical help for his heart condition and his wife is concerned the stress will kill him.

Downing Street has defended the planned deportation of 50 people to Jamaica tomorrow, claiming it's a "long-standing" practice for serious offences. Officials have said that those expected to be on board were convicted of crimes including manslaughter and rape.

The Labour MP is one of 150 cross-party MPs and peers urging the government to stop the flight as many of those involve came to the country as young children, they say.

Ms Butler says this move is an example of the government trying to be "tough" by "taking a leaf out of the Trump playbook."

She also cited the 164 wrongful deportation that has happened thus far and said the government makes mistakes and this is an example of that.