Former Jeremy Kyle Guest Reveals Exactly What It's Like To Be On The Show

15 May 2019, 15:18 | Updated: 15 May 2019, 15:54

"Embarrassingly," this caller said she was a guest on the Jeremy Kyle show, she gave Shelagh a behind the scenes look at her experience.

Kelly called in to explain to Shelagh Fogarty what happened to her when she went on the talk show. But first, Shelagh wanted to know why the caller thought she had to go on TV to "sort her life out."

The former Jeremy Kyle guest said she knew her ex-partner was cheating, and the only way to prove it was "to have a lie detector test."

When Shelagh asked why partner went along with going on national TV, Kelly said she thought showed how "stupid" her ex-partner was.

The caller said she didn't trust her partner, no matter what the lie detector test said.

This caller had been a guest on the Jeremy Kyle show.
This caller had been a guest on the Jeremy Kyle show. Picture: LBC/PA

Shockingly the caller revealed she thought "the pre-care was awful and the post-care was awful," describing her experience of being on the talk show.

The caller said that show staff try to "goad" you before the show, that they are trying to make you "really angry" because it makes the show for them.

Describing what happened when she got home the Kelly said she was in a "terrible state," and that she didn't know how to handle the information she was given.

"I just needed some direction," she said.

Kelly said she was "very shocked" when she heard about the death of a participant, but it was "a bit much" to blame their appearance on the show.

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