Ex-prison officer argues that prisons don't understand how to tackle terrorism

4 February 2020, 16:50 | Updated: 4 February 2020, 16:53

The caller, who was formerly a prison officer, argued that prisons aren't "geared up to deal" with terrorists.

The caller, who was a prison officer and worked in a youth offenders institute, spoke to Shelagh Fogarty.

Carl said that during his time in the job "the security departments weren't interested" in information about "extreme behaviours".

He added that they "sort of brushed it under the carpet" when inmates made inappropriate comments or presented with extreme views.

Shelagh Fogarty asked: "Are you saying that the prison service itself is too lax?"

He responded: "I don't think they're geared up to deal with it, to be honest.

"The security department, members of staff aren't really trained to notice it and even when they do notice it, I don't think they understand how to tackle it."

Ex-prison officer argues that prisons aren&squot;t "geared up to deal" with terrorists
Ex-prison officer argues that prisons aren't "geared up to deal" with terrorists. Picture: PA

Shelagh asked what shocked him during his time working in the institute.

He said they were more concerned with education than "bigger issues like terrorism within the prison service".

Carl explained how somebody made an inappropriate joke about the murder of Lee Rigby to him, because he was ex-military, and he said he "reported it straightaway but nothing was followed through."

All that happened to that person, said the caller, was that he was sent to a different unit about 40 metres away.