Excluded UK member decries 'nothing again' in Budget for most self-employed people

3 March 2021, 15:55

By Sam Sholli

There is "absolutely nothing again" in the Budget for a vast majority of the self-employed, a member of Excluded UK tells LBC.

Excluded UK's Chris Scott made the remarks after Rishi Sunak announced that 600,000 people who were newly self-employed last year will be added to the Self Employed Income Support Scheme.

Mr Scott told LBC's Shelagh Fogarty: "The addition of 600,000 people potentially for the newly self-employed is very welcome and something that excluded has been campaigning for for over a year now.

"But it doesn't address the over people who have been self-employed for longer, who are still excluded."

Mr Scott then went on to explain to Shelagh that he himself is is still £134 off being eligible for any pandemic support, despite investing £80,000 into his business in 2018.

Speaking more broadly about the budget, he added: "It leaves me no further forward. It leaves 2.4 million [people] no further forward...It's ridiculous."

Other measures in the Chancellor's Spring Budget included an extension to the furlough scheme and an increase in corporation tax.