Father Whose Son Was Driven To Suicide By Bullies Has An Important Message For Parents

4 September 2017, 14:55

Dave’s son took his own life at just 12 years old. In this candid interview with Shelagh Fogarty, he delivers some very important advice for parents of young children.

The caller, from Croydon, described his boy as an “absolute model” who had ambitions to become the next Jim Carrey.

However, in 2005, after a year of being “taunted” by five classmates, Dave’s son ended his life.

Exclusive research for LBC has found 16 per cent of schoolchildren who've been bullied have had suicidal thoughts.

More than half of the 11 to 16 year olds asked have suffered depression.

Dave phoned LBC to share some advice, which he said was vital for all parents to take notice of.

“As a parent, sit your child down of a night-time once a week and say ‘are you being bullied’,” he said.

“Ask them every week and then reverse it and say ‘are you a bully’, speak to your children, I didn’t do that because you don’t think of it.”