Forget Genderless Toilets, This Is What Really Matters To Trans People

23 October 2017, 15:47

People need to stop making a fuss about genderless toilets or whether somebody is calling their baby a gender-neutral name and instead concentrate on the real issues that matter to trans people, a campaigner has told LBC.

Charlie Craggs joined Shelagh Fogarty as part of her on-going crusade to tackle the prejudice faced by the trans community.

She’s set up an organisation called Nail Transphobia, which exists to educate people and “humanise” trans issues.

Charlie told LBC the biggest hurdle was trans people not being treated as “humans”, with critics often getting bogged down with issues that “in the scale of things don’t matter”.

She said: “If we brung some more humanity back to it and if people just saw us as humans there’d be less debate around silly things like bathrooms, if someone’s calling their baby a gender-neutral name and passports.

“Things like that don’t matter, our lives matter.”