"Give Back Great Britons Of Colour To Help Poor Countries," Says Caller

5 June 2018, 16:55 | Updated: 5 June 2018, 17:09

This caller argued that Britain should send "Great Britons of colour" back to poorer countries to help them develop, but Shelagh wasn't having any of it.

The caller told Shelagh that Brits, such as David Lammy and Doreen Lawrence, should be "sent back to poor countries" to help "build them as great as Britain".

Dean in Bromley said Britain ought to "give back some of these talents so they can build their country as great as ours.

"We could ask them to go and help the countries we effectively enslaved for 400 years and build them as great as we are."

But Shelagh wasn't going to let him off lightly, asking him whether she should return to Ireland.

"If you could build Ireland as great as Britain, it'd be a good thing, don't you think?" he replied.

He added: "If you come from a poor country originally, and we took advantage of you for 400 years, you should give something back."

Shelagh Fogarty challenges a caller who says "great Britons of colour" should help poor countries
Picture: LBC

Dean defended his position, saying Labour MP, Mr Lammy "made Britain great with democracy, could he not make the country of his parents' birth great with democracy?"

Shelagh replied: "You can do that without emigrating though, can't you?"

Dean continued, saying: "Britain is greedy, and we want everything and we want to give nothing back."

"So you want to reduce the number of foreign doctors and nurses to favour their own country, regardless of what the doctors and nurses themselves want, and regardless of vacancies that exist in this country that they could fulfil?" Shelagh asked.

"Absolutely," he replied.