Harrowing Call From Mother Whose Daughter Was Sexually Abused At Nursery

31 January 2018, 16:32

This is the utterly harrowing call from a mother whose daughter was sexually abused at nursery and images of the abuse were uploaded to the internet.

Shirley broke down in tears as she recounted her heartbreaking story to Shealgh Fogarty.

She explained how the incident, which occurred 18 years ago, still haunted her today after the case fell through in court.

Shirley's story moved LBC listeners to tears
Picture: LBC

The caller said: “My youngest daughter was at a nursery which had been recommended to us, we looked into its background and felt really good about it.

“It emerged two years after attending this nursery that she started playing up, not wanting to go, wetting herself, literally screaming.

“Eventually it emerged her, together with two other children, were being sexually abused and photographed to go online and the images were uploaded.

“This person was taken to court and the case failed due to lack of evidence because the children were so young.”

Becoming emotional, she continued: “It absolutely destroyed my family.

“Not just my daughter that it happened to, and that was bad enough, but to this day I carry the guilt - how did I let this happen? How did I not stop it?”

“My daughter ended up not being able to go to school.

“Her education was significantly disrupted because she just couldn’t cope with going to school.”

Shirley’s story moved LBC listeners to tears as many took to Twitter to show their support.

The caller went on to say how she still lived with the guilt 18 years on.

“I am so lonely,” she added. “I just want people to understand the magnitude of what these crimes do to children and to families.”