If Labour get in I'll have to shut down my business, says furious caller

21 November 2019, 18:18

This furious caller said there would be no point in carrying on his business if Labour get into government.

"If Labour get in this December, my corporation tax is due in January, I'd have to shut my business down," said Alan from Richmond, who owns a logistics company, "what's the point in going into another year?"

"Fuel prices are going up and up, my prices aren't going up and up. We're actually earning less now than, say, we were earning five years ago," he said.

"If suddenly 7% of a nonexistent profit or rather an additional 7% of whatever profit we have has to be paid out, I simply won't have it," Alan continued, "I'd be better off shutting the business down."

The caller said he'd never vote Labour and there are "1001 reasons" for that but the Labour manifesto which was released today would be the optimum reason. He continued that his business partner can barely pay his mortgage: "He'd probably be better off working for somebody else but we always liked the idea of us running our own company.

"We just about get by but that extra 7% would be the difference between us getting by and sadly going under."