Furious Labour Member Vows To Vote Tory If Corbyn Backs Second Referendum

22 January 2019, 14:30 | Updated: 22 January 2019, 14:41

A longtime Labour member has vowed to vote Conservative for the first time ever if Jeremy Corbyn backs a second referendum.

Shelagh Fogarty described Tony’s call as a “powerful message” to the Labour leader.

It’s after the Labour Party tabled an amendment calling for the Commons to vote on whether to hold a second referendum.

The move is the first time the party has asked MPs to formally consider another Brexit vote.

But, the carefully worded amendment doesn’t commit the Labour leadership to back a so-called People’s Vote.

Tony from Tyneside, however, was absolutely furious with the move.

A Labour member warns Jeremy Corbyn over backing a second referendum
A Labour member warns Jeremy Corbyn over backing a second referendum. Picture: LBC/PA

Having been a Labour member since the 80’s, he told LBC: “If Jeremy Corbyn goes for a People’s Vote and there’s a general election I will not vote for Labour.

“I will not vote Labour again, I’m absolutely sickened.”

He then turned his anger towards Labour MPs, who he accused of “acting disgracefully”.

“I truly believe most of those Labour MPs who stood in a general election and said they’d honour the result of the referendum, I truly believe they had no intention of doing that,” he continued.

“No matter what deal is offered, they won’t be happy.”

Shelagh asked: “Is it killing you to vote Tory in Tyneside?”

Tony replied: “If you’d asked me that a month ago I’d have said yes, but now, I’m really getting turned off by the attitude of Labour MPs.

“They have now, not all of them, a more condescending attitude to myself and my views than Tory MPs do.”

He finished: “It’ll catastrophically backfire on them.”

Watch the call in full above.