Labour MP tells LBC about "concerning" state of care sector after returning to work as a carer

8 April 2020, 16:29

Labour MP for Nottingham East Nadia Whittome tells Shelagh Fogarty about the dire situation in the care sector, having returned to work in a home during the pandemic.

Ms Whittome is calling for "proper payment" for care workers and other low paid key workers so they are able to afford to stay at home and contain the spread of disease if need.

She is also calling for the essential coronavirus tests to be distributed to care homes.

Staff in care homes and carers entering peoples' homes are not regarded in the same way by the government as those who work in hospitals, Shelagh observed, to which the Labour MP "absolutely" agreed.

For care workers, she said, there is unclear guidance from Public Health England about exactly what kind of PPE is required and in which situation - for example, whether a full gown should be worn when washing an elderly a person.

"Our managers are desperately trying to source more PPE for us and I'm using my position as an MP to put pressure on the government for that," she said.

Ms Whittome called the inconsistency in care homes "'s a fragmented system, it's been privatised and there's very little accountability."