Labour Remainer Tells Labour Leaver “Go Join Ukip” In Huge Brexit Row

23 January 2019, 16:05

A Labour Remainer told a Labour Leaver to “go join Ukip” during a fiery on-air Brexit row.

The pair clashed over the party’s position on Britain’s departure from the EU.

Frankie, a Brexit supporter, said Labour needed to “sort itself out” and insisted “no deal is better than a bad deal”.

Jeff, who’s anti-Brexit, believes Labour is a “European party” and claimed exiting the EU was “all about privatising the NHS”.

A Labour Remainer told a Labour Leaver to "go join Ukip"
A Labour Remainer told a Labour Leaver to "go join Ukip". Picture: PA/LBC

“The poor people in this country who Labour are meant to represent had nothing to lose, so they voted Leave,” Frankie said.

“If you try and take that away from people who already had nothing to lose, there’s going to be consequences.

“There’s going to be a backlash. More people voted Brexit than anything in British history, and if you betray them, people might never vote again.”

But Jeff instantly dismissed the remarks, responding: “Good we don’t want you voting again, go to Ukip.

“We don’t want you voting again it’s utter nonsense.

“Making poor people even poorer is not going to help them, is it? It’s utter nonsense what this man is saying, complete madness.”

The on-air clash was popular amongst LBC listeners.

Hear it in full above.