Listener Tells Former Ambassador To The US To "Grow A Pair"

12 December 2017, 15:09 | Updated: 12 December 2017, 15:27

This listener said Sir Christopher Meyer, the former British ambassador to the US, needed to "grow a pair" and accept the President's visit.

Donald Trump is expected to visit the UK in the new year to dedicate the new American embassy, an £800 million relocation to Battersea in the south of London, the current US ambassador to the UK has said.

Sir Christopher Meyer told Shelagh Fogarty that the country could expect a state visit but with "quite a few trimmings cut off," because of the heightened security risks a Trump presidential visit would incur.

"It simply wouldn't be possible," he said. "I would question whether it would be possible to drive down the mall in a carriage, too many eggs, too much security, too difficult, too risky.

"The American Secret Service, if nobody else, will be saying 'Too risky Mr. President, you can't do that.'"

The mandarin said the visit would end up being "some sort of hybrid" between a state and official visit.

At this point Shelagh paraphrased a text she had received, telling Meyer to "grow a pair."

After a brief spate of laughter, Meyer quipped that he was "quite proud" of his pair.

"I think this man is aiming at the wrong target.

"Look where the British interest is, look where two million jobs are, look where the aircraft for our new carriers are. Look at hard facts, hard reality.

"Say to that chap that sent in that message that he needs to grow a brain."

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