Woman “Too Afraid To Go Home” As Gangs Wreak Havoc On London Estate

24 January 2019, 15:17

A terrified woman has told LBC she is now “too afraid to go home at night” as teenage gangs wreak havoc on her west London estate.

On one occasion, Trisha described how yobs dropped a shopping trolley from the 11th floor of the Acton block and destroyed her car.

She spoke to Shelagh Fogarty as official figures showed violent crime rose in England and Wales by 19% in one year.

Offences involving a knife increased by 8%, according to new stats from the Office of National Statistics.

Trisha phoned Shelagh Fogarty on Thursday
Trisha phoned Shelagh Fogarty on Thursday. Picture: LBC

The news was all too familiar for Trisha who has lived in fear after moving onto the council estate in August.

“Our car has been destroyed,” she said. “There are gangs with knives in the building, destroying lifts and entrance ways. I’ve been scared.

“I’ve often been afraid to come home at night time, I’ve waited until my partner has come home to walk into the building.”

The caller said the police have been informed but the gang, made up of about 10-15 youths, were “not afraid of them”.

“They are well able to stand up to the police and the police receive a lot of abuse,” she continued.

“We’re looking to move as soon as possible. We have no car anymore, they’ve thrown a shopping trolley from the 11th floor down on top of our car.”

Hear the full call in the video above.