Lord Sugar: "Government critics, stop moaning and tell them what you'd do"

3 June 2020, 14:44

Lord Alan Sugar told LBC that government critics should stop "moaning for the sake of moaning" and tell Boris Johnson what they would do instead..

The Chairman of Amshold Group said, "I see there's a lot of commentators out there who are very frustrated and are saying the government isn't doing this, the government isn't doing that.

"To be perfectly frank with you...we've all been kind of caught in an unprecedented scenario and what I would like to say to some of these commentators is rather than complain why don't you tell us what you would do?

"You're continually complaining all the time, tell us what to do."

Shelagh countered that scrutiny of the government's choices is important, especially during a pandemic that has killed 50,000 British people.

"Are you suggesting that if the government was cleverer then instead of 50,000 it would only be 20,000?" Lord Sugar asked.

Shelagh suggested that if they had been cleverer around care homes, there would be less deaths, and Lord Sugar challenged Shelagh to explain.

Lord Sugar: "Government critics, stop moaning and tell them what you&squot;d do"
Lord Sugar: "Government critics, stop moaning and tell them what you'd do". Picture: LBC/PA

She said: "At the very beginning they told us, and it was both scientifically and politically, that elderly people were the most vulnerable to this virus and yet instead of genuinely shutting down and sealing off care homes, they opened them up knowingly to infective people...in order that their headline policy of saving the NHS was maintained."

Lord Sugar insisted that care homes shut immediately because "my sister is in a care home and we weren't able to see her."

"You're obviously referring to some isolated cases," he said, and Shelagh replied he is referring to isolated cases linked to his own family.

"There's evidence in government documents that they made a statement about the safety in the care homes and the reality was not what they said," Shelagh pointed out.

"I've seen no proof of that," Lord Sugar responded, "all will be clear in the end."

Shelagh clarified it has been infected patients that were allowed to return to care homes and infect other residents and followed on by expressing her surprise he opposed scrutiny as a businessman must scrutinise decisions.

"I don't moan for the sake of moaning," he replied, insisting that there was no point in doing so.