Manchester Mayor: The UK isn't ready for a reduction to the 2-metre rule

22 June 2020, 15:20

By Adrian Sherling

The Mayor of Manchester has warned that the coronavirus infection rate is still too high to risk reducing the two-metre rule.

Boris Johnson will make announcement to MPs tomorrow about plans to ease the lockdown rules in England and is expected to relax the two-metre social distancing rule.

Pubs and restaurants have insisted they won't be able to survive unless that rule is reduced.

But Andy Burnham told LBC that he had published R-number data today and the spread of coronavirus has not slowed enough to make that decision.

He said: "I think at some point we have to begin to get back to normal.

"However, I've just published one of the versions for the R-number this morning and it would appear to be going up across the country.

"So whatever the government does, it has to do with great caution in my view.

Andy Burnham told Shelagh Fogarty that it's too soon to relax the measures
Andy Burnham told Shelagh Fogarty that it's too soon to relax the measures. Picture: PA / LBC

"While I can see that the two-metre rule does have to change, I wouldn't necessarily say it should happen at the start of next month. Sometime next month, but not necessarily on the 4th."

Mr Burnham insisted the government needs to create policies that work for people in the north, not just in London.

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