Muslim Caller Explains Why The Media Must Stop Using The Name “Isis”

18 October 2017, 15:55 | Updated: 18 October 2017, 18:23

Azma is a Muslim. In the clip above, she passionately explains why the media should stop using the name “Isis”.

She says by using terms like the “Islamic State” journalists are in fact playing into the hands of the terror group.

“If somebody is a terrorist, they’re just a terrorist, no matter of their religious beliefs,” Azma told Shelagh Fogarty.

The conversation was sparked after Daesh’s three-year rule in the Iraqi city of Raqqa was ended.

A US-backed alliance of Syrian fighters announced it had regained control of the war-torn area following a four-month assault on Tuesday.

Azma said the media had a huge part to play when it came to defeating Isis.

She said: “Whatever they want to call themselves on the dark web, let them do that.

“But in the mainstream media we should call them Daesh, because to be honest with you we’re doing them a favour by using an entire religion to back up their deluded vision of whatever religion it is they had.”

Watch above and see if you agree.