Nadine Dorries Wants "Rockstar" Boris Johnson To Replace Theresa May

7 September 2018, 14:43

The MP for Mid Bedfordshire is backing Mr Johnson to take over from Theresa May as the next Prime Minister.

Nadine Dorries told Shelagh that Boris Johnson's "proven track record" as a politician coupled with his "rockstar" personality makes him the ideal candidate to replace Theresa May.

When Shelagh observed that Ms Dorries was: "quite taken with his 'rockstar' status," Ms Dorries replied: "What he does have is this kind of stardust with the public.

She continued: "I've seen it so many times. I'm impressed by how he relates to people and how people like him.

"He has the proven track record of achievement, that is the number one criteria in a leader but he also has this likablilty and people support him.

"He's way ahead of any other Conservative MP or potential candidate to lead the party and that's because people find him engaging, and enigmatic and flawed.

"Boris is someone who is flawed, he doesn't hide it and [the people] can relate to it."