Outraged Caller Compares Jeremy Corbyn’s Speech To A Hitler Rally

27 September 2017, 14:36 | Updated: 27 September 2017, 17:18

Jeremy Corbyn has delivered a lengthy speech to baying crowds at the Labour conference in Brighton. But this caller said it was more like a Nuremberg rally.

The Labour leader was given a rock star welcome as he told delegates that his party was a “government-in-waiting”.

Mr Corbyn pledged to introduce controls on private rents if elected as he claimed the Tories were “hanging on by their fingertips”.

Despite the Labour chief’s words being met with rapacious applause, James was left far from impressed with what he heard.

He told Shelagh: “I despise the man, I despise his speech that has just been said - bringing Grenfell into it, how deplorable of the man.

“All he has just done is do his little speech to his sycophant and he has had a round of applause.”

The LBC presenter told James that some of what Mr Corbyn had said, particularly on housing, was proving popular with many people.

This led the call to retort: “I’m sure the same was said about Hitler at the Nuremberg speeches because that’s what that reminded me of.”

Watch above.