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Shelagh Fogarty Trump Protester

"You Can't Reject The President Elect. The Vote Said So."

Ages ago

Lord Owen

Lord Owen On Trump: 'Now Is Not The Time To Shout About British Values'

Ages ago

Michael Scheuer

Retired CIA Agent; Trump Will Be Good For The World

Ages ago

Shelagh Fogarty Theresa Villiers

Leave's Theresa Villiers Faces Tough Questions From Shelagh

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Shelagh Fogarty laughing

72-Year-Old Angela's Story About Kindness Will Put A Smile On Your Face

Ages ago

Lovely Liverpool Kids Give Away Money To Homeless

Lovely Liverpool Kids Give Away Money To Homeless Man

Ages ago

Sarah Olney Liberal Democrats

Lib Dem Challenger Criticises Goldsmith's "Racist" Mayoral Campaign

Ages ago

Sadiq Khan LBC

Sadiq Moots Plans To Fight Heathrow In The Courts

Ages ago

Benedict Cumberbatch Calais refugees

Benedict Cumberbatch Tells LBC “I Fully Stand By” Refugee Comments

Ages ago

Shelagh Fogarty child call

Shelagh Speaks To 11-Year-Old Who Overcame Stammer And Addressed Parliament

Harvey Proctor Square

Harvey Proctor On "Homosexual Witch Hunt" He's Faced

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Shelagh Fogarty Serious

“Donald Trump IS A Monster” Shelagh Doesn’t Hold Back With Caller

Andy Trotter British Transport Police

Former Police Chief “Those Arrested For Sex Offences Deserve Anonymity”

Shelagh Fogarty Moving Call

Shelagh's Words Of Comfort For Woman Who Was Sexually Assaulted By Friend

Ages ago

Stop It Now

Video Aims To Help Paedophiles "Stop It Now"

Ages ago

Shelagh Fogarty

Shelagh Challenges Caller's Defence Of Donald Trump

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Shelagh Sister

Shelagh Fogarty's Lovely Call With Her Sister

Ages ago

Sally Phillips LBC

Sally Phillips: We Need National Debate On Down's Screening

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