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Jonathan Bartley

LBC's Election Call With Green Party Co-Leader Jonathan Bartley

Gina MIller

Gina Miller Calls LBC After Theresa May Rules Out Joining TV Debate

Ages ago

Shelagh and Jeremy

Tearful Caller Tells Shelagh Jeremy Corbyn Is 'Her Only Hope'

Ages ago

Shelagh Fogarty Food bank

Caller Denies Poverty Exists In Britain And People Aren’t Happy

Ages ago

Shelagh Isis

Lock Up Any Brit Who Expresses Support For Isis, Demands Shelagh

Ages ago

Manchester attack Shelagh

What’s Missing From Our Response To Terrorism? Anger, Says Columnist

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Shelagh Fogarty Peter Whittle

Shelagh Challenges Ukip Deputy: Feelings About Immigration Are Not Facts

Theresa May and Shelagh Fogarty

'I Was Going To Vote Tory Until I Saw The Manifesto', Callers Tell Shelagh

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Len McCluskey Barry Gardiner

McCluskey "Lulling Tories Into False Sense Of Security" With Labour Claims

Barry Gardiner talking

Shadow Minister Admits Immigration Will “Sometimes Go Up” Under Labour

May Juncker

The Inside Story Of May's Dinner With EU's Juncker

Ages ago

Shelagh Fogarty Ukip FGM

Shelagh Shuts Down Caller’s Claim That Only Ukip Cares About FGM

Ages ago

Shelagh Fogarty explains

Shelagh Fogarty Explains Why Voting Should Be Compulsory

Ages ago

Natasha Devon

Natasha Devon: Our Language Makes Mental Health Harder To Talk About

Ages ago

Jeremy Corbyn

Caller Impresses Shelagh Fogarty With Her Strong Case For Corbyn

Ages ago

Tim Farron

Tim Farron Refuses To Rule Out Possible Tory Coalition After Election

Ages ago

Mark Asks Tory MP Nadhim Zahawi How Will Stripping

Mark Asks Tory MP Nadhim Zahawi How Will Stripping Assad's Wife Of Her Passport Really Help Syria?

Ages ago

Shelagh Fogarty calm

Caller Invokes IRA To Argue Against Gender Neutral Toilets

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