Parliament Could Force Theresa May To Revoke Article 50, Remainer MP Claims

13 March 2019, 15:29

Parliament could force Theresa May to revoke Article 50 and suspend Brexit altogether, newly Independent MP Chris Leslie has told LBC.

He said MPs have the power to “instruct” the Prime Minister to stop Britain’s EU exit, even if it’s against her will.

The MP for Nottingham East spoke to LBC as MPs began debating whether to leave the bloc without an agreement on March 29th.

It’s widely expected such course of action will be rejected, with a vote on extending Article 50 likely tomorrow.

Chris Leslie said MPs could "instruct" Theresa May to suspend Brexit
Chris Leslie said MPs could "instruct" Theresa May to suspend Brexit. Picture: LBC

Any extension would require the approval of the EU - but Mr Leslie, who wants a second referendum, said suspending Brexit should be an option if an extension is denied.

“We do have that fall back position where we can revoke [Article 50],” he said.

Shelagh replied: “[Theresa May] won’t take that, you know she won’t.”

To which Mr Leslie continued: “Yeah, but Parliament could instruct her to do it.

“I think we need the time and space, first of all, let’s settle what Brexit option can be agreed by Parliament.

“That can then be given to the public in a People’s Vote - that’s the obvious steps”.